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XC16 Two-Stage (2 - 5 Ton) (R-410A)
XC16 Two-Stage (2 - 5 Ton) (R-410A) EL16XC1-041, Air Conditioning Condensing Unit, 16 SEER, R-410A, Elite Series 93M04 - Crankcase Heater 40W 240V 10J42 - Lennox LB-31200BM Start Assembly Kit, Contains Potential Relay and Start Capacitor 45F08 - Therm-O-Disc T6-1469 Low Ambient Cutoff 93G35 - Lennox, 3/8 in. Freezestat Thermostat 50A93 - Lennox, 5/8 in. Freezestat Thermostat 58M81 - Lennox LB-106778A Blower Off Delay Relay Kit, ON 1 Sec, OFF 45 Sec, 24 Volts 84M23 - Loss Of Charge Kit Used with Condensing Units And Heat Pumps 34M72 - LB-101123A LOW AMBIENT KIT (30 Deg F)
14ACX Condensing Unit, 14 SEER, ,R-410A, Merit Series
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